Tips and Ideas for Reporting on Environmental Issues

RelevanSi (@RelevanSi) understands the importance of reporting on environmental issues. The green community, industry and cause are coming into the public light as society evolves and understands the issues behind them. Journalists serve as the watch dog of society and represent public concern in their purest form, and with an endless amount of unreliable information released onto the internet, it is crucial that there are journalists who are committed to informing the public with accurate and in-depth stories. There are a few journalists who are extremely committed to bringing light to the current green issues that face society such as Olivia ZaleskiShea GuntherKate Sheppard, and many others.

There is one key element that all of these reporters have…passion for the cause. In a world that seems to be run by hate, fear, frustration and ignorance at times, the green community responds with a different approach: passion and solutions. There are plenty of people in the world – both private and public figures – whose lives are controlled by fear and anger. In contrast, the green community reacts to issues with an effort to understand the problem and find a solution. Politicians  from both sides of the party line could learn from this movement. While words will never lose their value, now is the time for action. The earth, atmosphere and natural biosphere don’t understand our words, but they do understand our actions.

Writing about environmental issues should mimic the passion and solutions-oriented attitude held in the green community. The public has had enough of the fear mongering and the doomsday scenarios; we want solutions. We want to understand the issues and although there may be no perfect answers yet, we want to hear that someone is looking for solutions.

In the green industry we are a community bound together by a similar cause. The competition that exists in normal business structures has a more productive methodology within our industry. This may change as the industry grows or as every company begins to go green, but as for now the eco-friendly companies are working together to further their ultimate cause as well as those of their companies.

Honesty and transparency are also key values within the green community. As a society we have been oversold by years and years of being blasted by advertising and marketing campaigns. As a whole, environmental issues and eco-companies are taking a different approach, by using transparency as a key component of their campaigns…and it’s working!! The fresh concept reflects the companies’ purpose: a breath of fresh air. It is important for the media to follow suit and to portray the companies, industry and the issues in an accurate light…even when it may not be the most positive.

There are many environmental issues and for every issue there is a company that supports the cause to fix the issue, or a company that is providing solutions. It is important to focus on the companies that do this for the right reasons. Greenwashing is everywhere we look and companies are “going green” in an effort to improve image and sales, so this should be a focus of consumers and the media when examining companies and issues. We applaud any company who begins to go green, but a standing ovation should go to the companies who truly believe in the cause.

All of these concepts are important for media coverage, journalists and PR professionals to keep in mind when doing their part giving these issues exposure. Exposure is good and the more we receive, the better; not only our companies, but for the cause. Anyone who is passionate about the green movement should recognize the drastic importance of these concepts and that we are all working to do our part for the environment. These are changing times and there will be great debates about the best solutions, but it is important that we all admit there are issues. The earth’s population can not continue to ignore that we are destroying it. The truth must be reported and mainstream media must become a part of this. We at RelevanSi applaud the medias efforts and all of the media outlets that have devoted entire sections, journalists, and sub-outlets to covering our efforts and issues.

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