There´s Green in Going Green

So you´ve heard that going green is a smart business move, but you´re hesitant to really take the leap. After all, global warming only became a widely accepted theory over the past few years. Who´s to say this green thing isn´t just a passing fad? And besides, what´s in it for you? 

As a small business ourself, we at RelevanSi understand that you have limited time and resources available to you, and going green may seem like more work than it´s worth right now. Well we want to convince you otherwise, starting by demonstrating that a) the green trend is here to stay, and b) it´s more than a trend; it´s a smart business move that will save you money and attract more customers to your company´s products & services.

The Green Trend is Here to Stay

Just ask Google. A search of “Business Trends 2010″ will yield countless articles that tell you just that. The very first search result, for example, is´s 10 and 1/2 Trends to Watch in 2010 article. And what´s the #2 trend on the list? You guessed it: Green Power! According to this article, we have only seen “the tip of the slowly melting iceberg” when it comes to the potential earning power of this well-known trend.

It´s More Than a Trend; It´s a Smart Business Move

Case in point: a recent survey of over 9,000 people in 8 countries found that more than 60% of customers “prefer to purchase from environmentally responsible companies.” 70% of respondents from China, Brazil and India said that they “plan to spend the same or more money on green products in the coming year,” indicating particularly promising growth in markets that up to this point have been mostly untouched by the green industry.

Not only will you attract more customers by going green; you will also save money. Dupont famously saved over $3 billion from a major green effort in recent years, and small businesses are increasingly reporting savings as well. Just changing your lightbulbs to energy-efficient bulbs will save you $80-$100 per year and there are countless other simple steps you can take to reduce your environmental impact and save big. Here´s an article with some great tips to get you started: Small Business Going Green.

Here at RelevanSi, we like to practice what we preach. From offering web design and online marketing solutions to green companies to generating zero paper waste in our office, we can vouch for the benefits of being a green company firsthand. Won´t you join us?

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